Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement Service in Los Angeles

Laptops are essential portable tools for personal and business use. Here at California Computer, we understand the financial investment you have made in your laptop. Your laptop is probably used every day and is the source of personal information and data. We provide same-day, reliable, and trustworthy repairs for the following common issues that may require repair:

  • The battery will not maintain a charge. 
  • The computer shuts down on its own. 
  • The screen doesn't come on.
  • The computer is operating much more slowly. 
  • The computer gets too hot. 
  • The computer starts making noise. 
  • The keypad or laptop is unresponsive.
  • The screen is pixelated or cracked. 

Laptop screen repair

We will focus on our laptop screen repair services in this article. Our team of certified and authorized technicians is here to fix all laptop screens, regardless of brand or model. A damaged laptop screen can occur in a variety of ways. Here is a list of common ways that laptop screens are affected: 

  • Physical impact and force
  • Excessive pressure
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Liquid damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Extreme temperatures

At California Computer, we provide the following computer repair services for damaged laptop screens caused by common and uncommon methods:

  • Cracked screens
  • Dead pixels and stuck pixels
  • Horizontal and vertical lines
  • Flickering screens
  • Backlight issues

Below, we describe the connection between the common ways that laptop screens are damaged, and the issues they result in that require our service. We have a team of certified and authorized technicians to repair your screen. They can efficiently diagnose the issue and quickly resolve it.

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screen

The liquid crystal display (LCD) is an electronic display that employs liquid crystals to change its optical properties, i.e., colors. Most laptop screen repairs are a result of damage to the LCD components of laptops.

Cracked screens often result from excessive pressure on LCD components. Damage to the LCD components can lead to other malfunctions, such as dead pixels and stuck pixels. Dead pixels and stuck pixels occur when the pixels in your display fail to change color. Dead pixels appear as black dots, whereas stuck pixels appear as red, blue, or green dots on your screen. These issues are typically manufacturing defects in the LCD components.

 Horizontal and vertical lines may appear on your laptop due to internal damage to the LCD screen, which is often caused by extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures consist of both cold and hot conditions. The excess heat leads to a decline in the liquid crystals' output and performance. Furthermore, if your laptop screen flickers, then it is probably due to malfunctions in the LCD because of a blown fuse in the motherboard. These issues can occur due to manufacturing defects or physical damage.

It is important to note that normal wear and tear from daily or frequent use can lead to all these issues and malfunctions, which is why it is critical to guarantee the health of your laptop screen. The same is true for liquid damage. Water can enter your phone's ports and get underneath the screen. Consequentially, your speaker, battery, charging port, and screen are all compromised. Also, it short-circuits the circuits in your phone by overloading it with energy.

If you are in Los Angeles, repair your laptop screen today with California Computer's screen repair services. We provide same-day repairs to get your laptop back in your hands. 

Why choose California Computer’s laptop repair & replacement service?

Here are a few tips needed for repairing your laptop screen:

  • First, you must assess your laptop and diagnose it.
  • Second, you must locate your laptop model.
  • Third, you must research the specific parts you will need. Why? Each component is brand- and model-specific. It is also worth noting that each brand is not fixed in the same way. Moreover, some brands, such as Apple products, are more challenging to repair.
  • Fourth, you must order the necessary parts.
  • Fifth, double-check that you purchased the correct parts from a reputable retailer.
  • Sixth, you must have all your data backed up.
  • Seventh, you must have the appropriate tools.
  • Eighth, you must have a sterile environment to prevent dust, dirt, or small particles from damaging the internal structure of your laptop.
  • Ninth, you can replace your laptop after your parts have arrived.
  • Finally, you must carefully replace the screen.

California Computer uses and purchases the highest-quality notebook computer components. We save you the time and hassle of searching for reliable, high-quality parts that are designed only for your laptop screen, depending on the product and model. 

We only use original equipment manufacturer parts for your laptop screen repair or replacement rather than looking through third-party sources. California Computer keeps an inventory of common parts in stock to avoid supply chain and shipping mishaps and facilitate faster repairs. California Computer maintains a supply of common laptop screen parts. We maintain these supplies to prevent long repairs by eliminating any possible supply chain issues.

 Additionally, for more information about our Apple, Lenovo, and Asus screen repairs, check out our website by clicking the names of the brands.

For any inquiries about our screen repair process for laptops, contact us today! 

We would like to thank you for your interest in California Computer’s laptop screen repair service. We are the premier laptop screen replacement & repair company in Los Angeles, and we appreciate the opportunity to service your laptop. We have over twenty years of experience and a team of technicians here to satisfy all your computer repair needs. We guarantee exceptional repair services for your electronic devices in Los Angeles.

We at California Computer are determined to provide you with the best screen repair and replacement service and price through our technicians. 

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